Player Tools

The Role of Player

The more you play, the better you’ll be and more you’ll enjoy the nuances of playing different roles.  Whether game suggestions or character background idea generators, here are some tools to help you expand as a player.

RPG System Suggestions

In particular, I think it’s important to play different types of rule systems to expand your play style.  Speaking mainly to myself on this one, the same goes for different genres of RPGs.  I’ve only recently started branching out from straight fantasy RPG systems, and I feel like that’s going to grow my playing ability even more.  In that line of thinking, here are some suggestions for expanding your gaming palette.


Follow puts the emphasis on storytelling rather than crunch in an RPG.  You also play without a GM in this collaborative game from a storytelling master.

Buy it here

Red Markets

The world has fallen to the zombie apocalypse, but the true horror is in trying to earn enough bounty to make it through the day.  A streamlined mechanic tightly integrated with detailed lore makes for a great game.

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Spheres of Power (Pathfinder 3rd Party Supplement)

Want to make any type of magic user you can imagine?  This is the book for you.  Mix and match the abilities that fit your character and allow story to come into your mechanics.

Buy it here or check out the new Spheres of Might for a similar treatment with martial classes.

Tiny Dungeon 2E

This rules lite RPG gives a very simple mechanic based on rolling 5s or 6s on 2d6 while giving just enough rules crunch to differentiate between character types.  They really hit the sweet spot!

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Upwind presents the Q-System to resolve conflicts nearly instantly to speed up game play drastically.  The Q-System also lets you play cards from your hand instead of rolling dice.  Less bad luck and more fun!

Get the free Upwind Primer here


Character Backgrounds

Need some help finding a good character concept?  As I find good ideas, they’ll be posted here.

Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality and Background

The first is another blog post that discusses creating a personality for a player.  You can check it out here.