Impending Doom #1

Aug 28, 2015

For some extra fun in our latest PF adventure, I’ve decided to send my character on some side quests.  Here’s an initial description of my character who utilized the Spheres of Power material from Drop Dead Studios.

Character Description

Gulduron was a member of the Ta Var tribe for over 100 hundred, but even there he was an outcast. He would not participate on the raids to the other elven tribes or to the human lands. This was not out of any sense of duty, but Gulduron selfishly wanted to focus on his magics. His secondary love of nature led him to spend much of his time in solitude while working out the beginnings of his magic. After 100 years of studying magic, he made a breakthrough. He mastered hitherto unknown sources of magic along with unfamiliar combinations of spells. Not only this, but he could manifest his magic without a sound. Gulduron learned to disappear from one spot only to instantaneously appear some distance away all without a sound. It unnerved his fellow tribesmen enough that it became the tipping point. He didn’t help the tribe, he was aloof, and now he had the potential to be more powerful. Enough was enough, and he was cast out.

Seeking a place to continue his studies, he found that his knowledge of nature combined with his magic skill gave him some moderate worth in the human towns. Charging for the most mundane of magics and helping to hunt rare plants and animals became his full-time job for the next 50 years. Earning enough to barely scrape by in his modest home (costing 10 g/month), he still spends most of his time alone and in the woods studying his magic. Sullen, dark, and of few words, the humans of town were tolerant of him, if not trusting. As long as he kept to himself, he was rarely harassed as a Ta Varian in a human city, but it was clearly no more home to him than the Ta Var tribe had been.

Lately, he has grown restless without knowing why. Hunting a rare owl for a sample of the feathers late one night, led to an encounter that shook his world. It had taken months to track down the owl, and that night he waited for hours before finally spotting his prey. Before he could make his move, the owl made eye contact with Gulduron. He paused, mesmerized at the sight. For some reason this creature was more beautiful to him than any he had previously seen. Some connection was forming between the two. Then a blur of shadows and a snarl alerted him to a swift moving jungle cat who had also spotted the owl. Without thinking, Gulduron shouted out, “No!” and magical force was ejected from his hands. It plowed into the cat, striking it dead on impact. While he had killed many creatures in the past, this was the first time he had done so with no purpose. Remorse filled him. This whole time, the owl had not moved. It still stared through him. That night, Gulduron did not kill the owl. Instead it seemed that the owl chose to come home with him.

For the past year, Gulduron has come to grips with this new killing power he has along with the mysterious owl. It seems that these things portent something grander, something bigger for Gulduron’s life. Without any other driving purpose in his life, he is now seeking what this could mean. In his more desperate moments, he has even considered a pilgrimage to the holy mountain of fire, but he knows he not welcome there. Gulduron wants a purpose, a reason, to do almost anything. There must be more than the mundane existence he has led thus far.