Automating Gimp to Design Cards

EDIT: Now with video instructions!

Video 1: Setting up the Card Template:

Video 2: Setting up the CSV File:

Video 3: Running the Plugin and Making PNP File:

I was trying to make a 100-card oracle deck as my next RPG supplement (check out one of my current decks here:, and was having a terrible time getting prototypes of 100 cards done quickly in my favorite program of choice, Gimp.

After seeing what @KertanLeGnome was able to do on BGG here:, I decided to try my hand at python coding myself, and I think I got it! (After some generous advice from @KertanLeGnome, that is!)

I first got the Python script to work just for my specific card layout, but then I went on to generalize it for any card layout. There are specific instructions in the README file which I won’t repeat here, but I cranked out 100 card images in less than 5 minutes! Think of this plugin as the free version of Component.Studio (but mine has far less functionality).

Here are some samples. I mixed up a couple columns in my CSV, so there are mistakes, but this is good enough for a prototype.

You can download a zip file here with the plugin called, README file which is very important telling you where to save and how to setup a spreadsheet of card data, an example CSV file, and accompanying example Gimp file. Also included is a separate short plugin to outline text for you! (I do that so much, I decided automating it would be easier!)

If you find this useful or find a way to improve it, please let me know. Have fun making your cards!

P.S. I may try to make a video showing how to use this plugin soon. Stay tuned.