SW: Part 6

Battle at Fang Hills


Scene Setup: An elf named Galdire seeks a company of adventurers to discover the fate of an order of scholars and mages lost in the Fang Hills.

Chaos Factor: 5, (Chaos roll: 7, no alteration)


When she reached the edge of the cliff, she took a quick look before hauling herself all the way up.  How many enemies are there?  (1d10/2, 10)  There were 5 of the Diseased Orcs up there.  Oddly enough they had left Galdire alone who was lying on the ground not moving.  Taji sat perched on a tree branch growling at the orcs from time to time and Ollea circled overhead.  Impulsively, she jumped up without a plan and the orcs turned to her.

Initiative: Enemies 4d, Allies Qd

Diseased Orcs       Fight: d6, DMG 2d8         Parry: 4   Tough: 6 (1)              Spirit: d6

Kaylessa ran towards Galdire and made to pick him up.  Does she remember that he is Diseased?  (Notice: 5, Success)  At the last few feet she remembered that she couldn’t touch him lest she contract the Disease herself.  He was beyond her help.  She turned and hired at the nearest Orc.  Shooting: 6, Success, DMG: 5.  The arrow glanced off the orc who seemed to not notice the attack against and only notice the warm blood of a nearby elf.  Kaylessa whistled and Taji and Ollea joined the fray.  Taji pounced from his branch went into a frenzy around the nearest orcs.  Claw, Claw, Bite: 3, 3, 11. One hit, DMG: 9.  Taji swatted and missed but his bite connected Shaking one.  Ollea dove.  Talons: 1, Failure.

The orcs moved in.  Unshake: 4, Success.  Who do they attack?  1 (K), 4 (T), 3 (T), 5 (O), 3 (T)  Fight vs. Kaylessa: 5, Failure.  Gang-up vs. Taji: 4, 9, 5.  One hit, DMG: 10, Shaken.  Taji dodged the first attack but was struck in the head by the second which threw him clear of the third attack.  The other orc flailed useless after Ollea who had already flown back overhead.

Next round: Enemies 8s, Allies: 2c

Again: 4 (T), 5 (O), 1 (K), 3 (T), 3 (T)  Fight vs K: 10, Hit, DMG: 10, Shaken.  Fight vs. Taji: 10, 5, 4, Hit, DMG: 11  The orcs smashed into Taji, overwhelming him.  The spirit leopard cried out in pain and disappeared into a cloud of turquoise smoke.  Kaylessa felt the mental backlash (Companion roll: 2, Fail, 1 Wound) which tore at her from the inside.

K: Unshake: 5, Succeed.  Kaylessa knew she had to get out of here fast.  Seeing her rope still dangling over the edge, she called out loudly to the Orcs, “Come on, then!  Over here!” and dove for the ledge.  Athletics to make it through: 4, Success.  She tumbled past the closest Orc and made it to the ledge swinging her body over.  Athletics to hold on to the rope: 5, Success.  Ollea continued to harass the orcs but only enough to get them to walk towards the cliff.  Do they take the bait and fall off the edge?  (Near Sure Thing, 12, Extreme Yes)  The Orcs followed Kaylessa to the ledge and over, falling to the rocky fangs below.  They wiggled for a bit longer but were soon still.

“Alright out there?” called out Issarel.

“For the moment,” Kaylessa said breathing deeply.  “But how do we get that bag off Galdire now that he’s dead?”