SW: Part 5

Discovery at Fang Hills


Scene Setup: An elf named Galdire seeks a company of adventurers to discover the fate of an order of scholars and mages lost in the Fang Hills.

Chaos Factor: 4, (Chaos roll: 1, altered scene, Delay (29) Illusions (88))


Athletics to climb: 11, Success with a Raise

Kaylessa scaled down the first 10 feet of the cliff face and jumped way out while letting out lots of rope so she could swing into the cave.  THUMP!  She slammed into what felt like stone when she should have been going through the entrance.  It should have thrown her completely off balance enough to fall down the cliff, but somehow managed to keep hold of the bottom of the rope to slow her descent.  (from the Raise)

Illusions after all, she thought.  She tied the rope off to keep her place and began working at the stone cliff face trying to free some smaller rocks.  (Strength: 3, Failure)  No luck.  Closing her eyes, she called out to Ollea mentally hoping that she might notice air movement where there should not be.  (Notice: 5, Success)  There it was.  Ollea’s wing should have brushed the cliff face just there but it passed through instead.  Now could she swing over.  (Athletics: 6, Success)  It wasn’t as graceful as she had hoped, but she fell into a hole in the cliff face covered over with the illusion of rock.  She was in.

Dusting herself off, she looked around.  Did she wake anyone?  (Likely, 62, No)  What did she see?  (1d6, 5)  There were five sleeping forms, all elves.  The campsite in this hollowed out cave was just as messy as the one above.  Are there weapons about? (Likely, 26, Yes)  Kaylessa first moved to collect their weapons.  (Stealth: 8, Success with a Raise)  She was able to get them in a pile without waking the other elves.  However, if she was ever going to learn what was going on…

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” she intoned, “may I ask you a question?”

Groggily a few of the elves came awake, blinking their eyes in a slow disbelief that anyone else could be in the cave with them or perhaps in lost memories from a night of hard revelry.  Kaylessa began a short speech to convince them she meant no harm (Persuade: 5, Success) which they believed since she had all the weapons and then caught them up on what Galdire had told her.  Are they the scholars she is looking for?  (Likely, 78, No)  Does she realize it?  (Smarts: 11, Success with a Raise)  Do they know about the scholars?  (Near Sure Thing: 74, Yes)  Did they attack the scholars?  (50/50: 71, No)

“They wasn’t supposed to be here ’til the next day,” said their apparent leader, an exuberant and large-eyed female named Issarel.  “We’re just contractors.”

Kaylessa went on to discover that this group had been hired to create this hollowed out cavern for the scholars to use as their study area.  It was meant to keep them safe from the Diseased Orcs who would just wander blindly off the cliff.

“We always have a party at the end of a job, especially one this lucrative,” said Issarel.

“Why did they pay so much?” asked Kaylessa.

“You kidding?” Issarel responded.  “Wigoma pushes further than you know.  We was the only ones crazy enough to take the hazard pay.  We lost 3 on this job, bless their souls.”

“Just means more for the rest of us!” Vulwin, another contractor, called out with a forced laugh.  The others tried to laugh too, but quickly became quiet.

“So, the Diseased Orcs have come this far?” Kaylessa asked turning back to Issarel.

“Yes, but needn’t worry.  We safe here.  No orc’ll find this hovel,” she said patting the wall.

“It’s not this hovel that I’m worried about,” responded Kaylessa sticking her head out the hole.  “Galdire?  Galdire!  Be on the lookout!”  Is there danger present?   (Very Likely, 02, Extreme Yes)  There was no response from above except a shriek from Ollea and a growling from Taji.  “I’ve got to go check on him.”

“Look, miss super elf, I’m glad you want protection for your friend, but if he’s not responding, there’s a reason.”

“Never-the-less, I must go.  He’s an outlaw who should pay for his crimes with his life but not at the hands of the Diseased, not when he’s trying to make amends.”  With that she began climbing back up.  (Athletics: 5, Success)