DW: Solo Session 2

Character: Ozrak, Fiona Chaos Factor: 6 Thread: Seek medicine Thread: Convey old religion

Scene Setup: Near a thundering waterfall amidst a shadowy jungle.  The air is filled with wisps of smoke.  An airship has crashed.

Scene Altered: (Chaos roll 3) Increase Elements

Image result for crashed airship fantasy
(Airship picture by Peter Pohle found at https://peterpohle.cgsociety.org/sb5x/steampunk-pirates)


That’s when it started to storm.  This place was called the Jungle of Storms after all.  Lightning crashed above the canopy with only the barest flashes making it through the thick foliage.  It seemed that nearly every tree became a waterfall in its own right as the rains collected in the tree tops and found the path of least resistance to the jungle floor below.  Struggling to see clearly and keep his torch lit, Ozrak stumbled through the now slippery undergrowth heading toward the glow of the newly crashed airship still aflame.

“Is anyone there?  Anyone still alive?” Ozrak yelled upon getting close enough to the wreckage to see it through the trees.  How big is the airship?  (7/10) Slightly above medium sized.  Are there any survivors?  (No way: 19, Yes)  “Over here!  Help!” came a shout back.  Ozrak rushed over to the downed airship to see a woman (Eindride Rosary, the untrustworthy papermaker who seeks to acquire riches) trapped and hurt.

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(Halfling picture by Jesper Ejsing found at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/185984659590408624/?lp=true)

Ozrak takes a moment to study the situation.  Discern realities: (8)  What’s the most immediate danger here?  Excitement ambush.  Due to the raging storm, Ozrak had not heard the war cries and excited whoops from deeper in the jungle until now, but it was clear that someone was on the way to pick over the remains of the airship, probably bandits.  “My lady, we must hurry out!” cried Ozrak trying to pull her from the wreckage. 

Can he free her before the bandits arrive?  (He has +2 Str. How injured is she? 4/10  How bad is the wreckage trapping her? 5/10.  Chances of freeing her before bandits: Likely: 25, Yes)  Throwing wooden beams to the side, Ozrak grabs the hand of the halfling woman and pulls her free.  “Quickly!  We don’t want to be here when whoever that is yellin’ gets here,” says Ozrak, but Eindride turns back to the fallen airship.  “Look for my chest!  It must be here!” she cries and starts rooting around on her own.  “There is no time!” responds Ozrak. 

Can he get her away in time?  Interfere: (7, Yes but) Ozrak managed to overpower the halfling, pulling her away from the hulking wreck but a flaming beam falls towards them.  What does he do?  Defy danger by flinging them both to the ground.  (10, Yes)  Seeing the falling beam, Ozrak frantically pushed halfling aside and flung himself on top of her to shield her as best as he could.  Crash!  The beam landed right beside them.  “Forget yer’ chest,” whispered Ozrak.  “We have to get out of here.”  With that he pulled Eindride deeper into the jungle where they watched the looters at their work.

How many looters are there?  As they look on from their hiding spot, Ozrak and Eindride see a few bandits armed with spears and crossbows enter the crash site.  Their weapons are crackling with lightning energy, and the bandits themselves appear to be humanoid boars.  Ozrak whispered, “It can’t be!”  “Can’t be what?  It doesn’t matter.  Get out there and find my chest before they do!  Kill them if you must,” replied Eindride.  Ignoring her request for the moment, Ozrak explained, “Those creatures.  They look like what I’ve heard in stories of the old gods.  Eiga, the evil god of the hunt would mock his prey by taking on the form of a boar to hunt them down.  It was said that his servants took on his likeness in the afterlife, but that would mean that those out there are already dead.”  “Impossible.  Get my chest or I’ll scream and alert them we here!”  Can Ozrak keep Eindride calm?  Parley: (6, fail, 3 XP).  “Look, I just saved your life.  We can come back in the morning to try to find…”  “HELP!  AAAAHHHHH!!  OVER HERE!!!” yelled Eindride as she ran around the wreckage site keeping to the jungle.  The boarmen turned toward the sound and fanned out to investigate.  What does Ozrak do?

“I’m tired of slinking like a dog,” thought Ozrak.  He charges out of the jungle, trying to take the boarmen by surprise and make it back to the wreckage.  If he can do that, he might be able to use the ship to his advantage.  Defy danger with quick thinking: (4, fail, 4 XP)  Giving his fiercest battle cry, Ozrak burst forth from the jungle brandishing his axe, but the Eigans never flinched.  The leader pointed his spear at Ozrak a lightning encased crossbow bolt headed his way.  (b[2d6]+2, 6 damage after armor, 10 HP remaining).  What does Ozrak do?

He continues his charge straight towards the leader, hoping to take him out in one strike to intimidate the remaining boarmen.  Hack and slash: (8, 12 damage to leader who is dead)  Ozrak swings his axe with all his might beheading the creature in front of him, but that leaves him vulnerable to attack.  (3 damage after armor, 7 HP remaining).  A second crossbow bolt rips into Ozrak’s shoulder.  He grits his teeth and does the only thing he can, fight.  He charges the nearest of the two remaining crossbowmen.  Hack and slash: (11, 5 damage, dead).  Ozrak plants his axe squarely in the chest and spins him around using him as a shield to take the incoming bolt of the last Eigan who frantically tries to reload its crossbow.  Hack and slash: (8, 6 damage, dead, but where is the danger coming from, the dying boarmen (high) or Eindride (low)?  5) 

Ozrak reaches the creature just before it can finish loading and buries his axe in its head.  As it slumps to the ground, Ozrak takes a knee and lowers his head in respect for the dead.  “Rozin, thank ye for this sign.  I shall serve faithfully,” he whispered.  That was when he felt the knife at his throat.  “We’ve got some talking to do,” said Eindride pressing the blade firmly to Ozrak’s throat.

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