Dungeon World: Solo Session 1

Meet Ozrak the Dwarven Warrior

This is my first attempt at Dungeon World with solo play using the Mythic GM Emulator rules.

Character: Ozrak, Fiona Chaos Factor: 5 Thread: Seek medicine Thread: Convey old religion
Scene Setup: Near a thundering waterfall amidst a shadowy jungle.  The air is filled with wisps of smoke.  (Chaos roll 8: No alterations)
(Dwarf picture by unknown artist found at https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/ASCQdAa429tvMIfPciJypS1jUkzaSjuiYWN4A5hL50PqTXdaR0Ea3vk/)

On his quest for the old gods, Ozrak entered Hemor, a town with a population of 1300 that was primarily human with some dwarves. Being from the nearby area, he knew that the town was built around a pit mine, worked by goblin slaves and governed by a court of aristocrats, led by a male human named Adbah. He also knew that Hemor was infamous for the ghosts which haunted its streets at night, and therefore arrived in the morning to seek out the help of seer named Fiona hoping that she could give him direction as to where to find relics or knowledge of the old gods. 

However, upon entering her small thatched roof cottage, he found her sick and delirious.  Thrashing lightly upon her bed, Ozrak could see her mumbling to herself feverishly.  Thinking it the doctorly thing to do, he put his hand gently upon her forehead.  When he did, Fiona immediately stopped thrashing and sat bolt upright.  In a guarded voice that sounded nothing like the mumbling from a moment ago, she said, “Once the rain returns, a confession of a bygone era may bring a season of harmony or a vicious war.  I know your heart, Ozrak God-Seeker, and this vessel may help.  Find the Nigella’s Heartroot that grows only behind the torrential Rutwater Falls else she perish.”  Her head turned slowly towards Ozrak, and she looked lucidly into his eyes.  He saw knowledge beyond his ken there and withdrew his hand from her forehead with a gasp of surprise.  Fiona stayed rigidly erect for only a moment more before the voice said, “Go!” and she seemed to deflate back down to her bed.

“What have I stumbled upon?” Ozrak thought.  “Surely the old gods speak through this seer.  I am bound to aid her.”  With that he made his way out of town and headed to the depths of the shadowy Jungle of Storms where the Rutwater Falls were located.

Make a move: Undertake a perilous journey: It should be a 3-day journey (-1 day for 10+ success) and now takes 2 days of rations (8 remaining, mid result).  If there’s any trouble, Ozrak will spot it (10+ success).

Is there trouble along the way?  Likely: (41, yes)  On the second day, Ozrak heard a shrill death cry of a creature and hunkered down to hide.  Creeping closer to the noise, he spotted a tiger gorging on its prey.  He will try to sneak around.  Defy danger: (4, fail, 1 XP)  The terrible beast cast its gaze on Ozrak, angry at having its dinner interrupted.  This powerful creature will attack!  What does Ozrak do?

He will try to deflect the oncoming tiger and rush to the body of the dead deer hoping to entice the creature back its meal.  Defy Danger with Str (12, success).  The tiger bounds towards Ozrak who counter-charges with his shield up.  At the last second, he turns to the side and deflects the beast off his shield.  Continuing forward, he makes it to the dead deer and begins dragging it away, pretending to claim the meal as his own.  The tiger is even more furious now and comes back to Ozrak for another attack.  What does Ozrak do?

He will try to use the deer as a literal meat shield to stop the tiger and hope that the tiger will be satisfied with reclaiming its meal.  Defy danger with Int (6, fail, 2 XP).  Ozrak takes 9 damage (piercing 3, 16 HP remaining) which rips a hole in his scale armor reducing his armor by 1 until it can be patched.  Fight or flight?

“Damn, you beast!  I tried to play nice!” Ozrak yells as he pulls out his axe making a strike of his own.  Hack (10, success, 7 damage, piercing 2, 9 HP remaining).  Ozrak’s axe sinks into the tiger’s shoulder drawing a loud roar from the creature.  Ozrak puffs up his body as much as possible and yells loudly, “Hie! Hie!  Be gone, beastie!” attempting to scare it away now that it’s taken damage.  Defy danger with Str to intimidate with a +2 since the tiger’s instinct is to not fight to the death (10, success).  The beast growls and slinks away.  This could be a danger for another day.

Ozrak continued traveling until he was within sight of the waterfalls with no more encounters and made camp for the night.  He sheltered himself as best as he could hoping for some sleep.  Is his sleep interrupted?  Somewhat Likely (Yes)  By what?  (kill vehicle)  A series of explosions woke Ozrak from his slumber.  Clambering to his feet, he saw an airship dangerously low overhead.  Explosions dotted the deck every few seconds as the ship hurtled toward the ground.  “By Rozin’s beard!” Ozrak said.  “Could anyone survive that?”  Without sleep, he headed out to investigate.

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