Ironsworn: Episode 1, Session 4 (Epilogue)

As we enter town with Lona carried between us, I start calling out for the healer.  Owen meets us not long after that, and the healer follows them into Owen’s hut to tend to Lona.  I grab the healer’s arm on his way in and say, “I think she is with child.”  He looks at me curiously and hurries in.

I turn away from the knowing there is nothing else I can do for Lona this night.  She is in the hands of the healer.

“Katania, I thank you for your help this night,” I say.

“It wasn’t completely out of the kindness of my heart, you know.  You owe me now.”

“I know, and I will fulfill my end of the bargain.  But can it at least wait until tomorrow morning?” I ask her with a slight smile on my face.  “I am tired for tonight.”

She smiles a bit at me first before the light flees her eyes.  “Yes, there is time yet.  I will…I will…I will let you know,” she says turning away from me.  (Forge a Bond: 7 vs. 4,1, strong, +1 spirit)  I am comforted not only knowing that my sister should be safe, but that I have also formed a least a beginning bond with a new companion this night.  We shall see where the future takes me!

(Fulfill Vow: strong, 3 xp)

[I was going to take the Bind Ritual as my third asset if the wolf would have died, but that didn’t make sense now.  So instead, I’m going to upgrade my Long-Arm as my third asset and then upgrade it again with the XP I just got.]

Asset: Long-Arm upgrades 2 and 3