The Greedy Caravan #2

It’s time to make our through the Crypt. A large crack in the ground is the only sign of the recent earthquake that brought this crypt back to the eyes of the public. There are ladders and such leading down to what appears to be a hole in a wall rather than a door. We didn’t get a map before we came in, so off we go.

“I’ll light up the lantern, but if we get in trouble, I’ll have to drop it,” I say to Ursus.

He grunts in reply, and we head in. What do we see?

The next location you come to is: A small rectangular cavern room has been rough hewn from the rocks walls.

Are there any bad guys?

The answer to your question is: Yes but

Is There a Random Event?: No random event

Who is here?

Attacker: Minions – Slave Master

—->Description: These minions are the common foot soldiers wherever the PCs are. The slave master and a few workers treat the slaves here very poorly. Will the slaves help the PCs, or out of fear will they be loyal to their evil overseers? A slave riot could even be dangerous to the PCs.

This doesn’t seem right. Many people are linked together in a chain gang and clearing the rubble away. They don’t look like they’re from around here at all. Their hair is an odd color that I haven’t seen before, their heads are misproportioned, and they don’t appear to understand the shouted instructions from the loud-mouth overseer has seems to be a member of the guild judging by his uniform.

“Good sir,” starts Ursus with a low growl. “Why are these people in servitude, and where have they come from?”

“Ah, these are just Dingers!” replies the jovial overseer with a crack of his whip. “They’s looks like us, but they’s as dumb as they come. They come from the new world we’s discovered and wants to serve like this more than anything. Just look at them!”

Look we did. They were all sweating with the work, but their movements were jerky and eyes cloudy. Ursus approached one and said, “Fear not. I will free you if you are here against your will.” Does the person respond?

The answer to your question is: No

Is There a Random Event?: Yes, The type of event is: You are Attacked, and a description would be: Hungry Law

The person gives no indication that they understand or even heard Ursus, but the overseer definitely did.

“What do you mean free ’em? You ain’t gonna free ’em! They’s here to help by law! We came. We discovered. We claimed. It’s the right of the guild! Breaks over boys!” At the tirade unleashed by the overseer, a few more men stand up from behind piles of rubble brandishing pick axes and shovels. How many are there?

1 rolls of 4-sided dice: 1,

Two more plus the overseer. The workers just keep working, but the overseer politely asks us to roll initiative. The first roll will be PC and the second the bad guys.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 6,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 5,

The shovel boys by the rubble move up to us with a look of desperation on their faces. They look guilty as all get out, but they’re going to fight to cover up their black deeds. At least that’s what I think in the split second before a shovel comes my way. First at me, second at Ursus, and the overseer’s whip at Ursus.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 3,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 5,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 1,

Not expecting an all out brawl, we all take significant hits. I draw my shortsword while Ursus swings his shield around for an attack. “Jondar, attack!” I yell. Ursus evades, then attacks. I attack twice. Jondar attacks twice.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 5, 1,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 3, 4,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 3, 1,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 2, 3,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 6, 4,

Ursus bashes the front guy with his shield and Jondar comes in to finish the job. (They all have 2 HP each.) I swing my swords and remember that I’m better with a bow and should have backed out of range.

“Stop this madness!” yells Ursus. “We are from the Guild! I command you to stop!” It seems this only emboldens the baddies. The remaining shoveler attacks me and Jondar while the overseer whips Ursus twice.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 2,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 2,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 3,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 6,

The first swing of the shovel nails me in the gut while the second whiffs over Jondars head. The first whip stroke misses Ursus, but the backswing catches him off guard. Wait! Ursus tries to use his shield to evade the whip.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 4,

Nope. Hits him. Time for us to attack back. Ursus Evades and strikes the overseer with a smite. Jondar attacks the guy in front of us. If Jondar can finish him off, I will go for the overseer.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 6, 5,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 5, 5,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 5, 4,

Ursus’ shield takes down the overseer while Jondar mauls the shoveler. My attack is unnecessary, so I turn to the people trying to get them to stop their work. First, does Ursus’ smite go away?

1 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3,

The glow that was around Ursus’ shield subsides, and it is like he comes out of trance.

Going up to the people, I shake the nearest one and say, “My friends, please stop. Can you understand us?” Does anything work?

The answer to your question is: Yes but

Is There a Random Event?: No random event

Try as we might, I can’t get their attention. As Jondar comes up to me and licks my hand, his brushes up against one of the workers who seems to become aware of his surroundings for the first time. “Ah! AHHHH!” he screams and drops the rock he was carrying and tries to get away from Jondar as fast as he can. The odd-looking man cowers in fear never taking his eyes off Jondar. Both Ursus and I try to calm the man down, but nothing works. After several minutes, the man’s eyes go dull again, and he goes back to work.

Ursus says, “We must find out why these people are like this. This cannot be natural.”

“I agree, my friend. Can you heal us again before we delve deeper? I worry for what is ahead.”

“I shall try.” First for Elirdar and then for Ursus.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 5,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 1,

Once again, Ursus can heal me, but the power fades as he tries to heal himself. I look my friend up and down. He’s looking ragged. “Perhaps we should make our way to the dimensional door but take a time to rest there,” I say.

“Perhaps you are right. Let us get to the doorway first. It was said to be just beyond this room.”

Ursus is right. The very next room has a makeshift camp set up around a shimmering portal in the wall. Unknown markings and paintings surround the doorway to another dimension, like words in a different language. Is there a hammer around, or anything that Ursus can use to mend his armor?

The answer to your question is: Yes

Is There a Random Event?: No random event

We camp for the night, and Ursus tries to mend his armor.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 6,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 3,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 6,

He heals it for 2 points of the 3. All our health will be full starting the next leg of the journey.