The Greedy Caravan #1

Nov 23, 2017

Taking the new Tiny Dungeon 2E out for a solo test drive.  I’ll have two main characters in this story.


Ursus Armel is a brown Karhu (sentient bear person) who is a Paladin who fights with his claws and a shield.  His family trade was blacksmithing before he found religion and became consumed with the ethos of “Honor Above All.”  He is your typical straight-laced knight of old.  HP: 10, Traits: Armor Master, Healer, Shield Bearer, Cleave, Paladin. You can check out his character sheet here.

Joining Ursus on his mission will be Elirdar Miaqen who is an Elf Ranger with a bear animal companion named Jondar.  (Yep, awkward.)  With a family trade in farming, Elirdar grew to respect all life and is a strict vegetarian.  While not exactly comic relief, Elirdar is more laid back than the high-strung Ursus.  HP: 6, Traits: Quickshot, Beastspeaker, Archdruid, Perceptive, Acrobat.  If I go with more traits, I’d go with Sneaky, but that may get RP’ed more than anything else.  You can check out his character sheet here.

Our two adventurers are part of the Adventurers Guild and often act as the internal police of the organization.  They are usually tasked with keeping other adventurers out in the field in line or testing the veracity of claims adventurers make on loot.  They also are hired out to local governments or villages to act as additional constables in times of need.

Rolling on the Tiny Dungeon 2E adventure creator chart gave me the following sentence:  “The adventures must FIGHT the CARAVAN in THE OTHER DIMENSION while dealing with GLUTTONY and opposing the FAUNA.”

It seems our adventurers are tasked with tracking down another party of adventurers from the guild who are taking illegal actions in a newfound realm.  Once the the portal to the new dimension was discovered, many people wanted to be the first to exploit any resources found there.  The contract went to a group of adventurers known as misfits who are on probation with with the guild right now.  This was supposed to be their job of penance to set up an outpost in this new realm, ship resources back to the material plane, and protect the assets.  All was expected to be fine until some diviners found out that this new realm is already populated with sentient beings of some kind.  (The guild wizards can only sense the regular use of magic coming from the plane and the mental power behind it, not the actual creatures or people using this magic.)  As such, the misfit crew needs recalled before they muck up someone else’s world.

The portal to this new world was discovered in the depths of a recently unearthed crypt.  It had been overrun with undead, but that’s the advantage of being part of the adventurers guild: instant pest control.  There should be an outpost of guards camped at the portal’s mouth.  The first task is to make it through to, and then through, the crypt.


Ursus was staring again. No matter how many times we’d talked about it, he just couldn’t help himself. Jondar was a problem. Sure, Ursus was a sentient, talking, bipedal, opposable thumb wielding brown bear while Jondar was my battle-ready, non-sentient, brown bear companion animal, but why did it have to be so awkward? Some heritages spawned from the more intelligent animal species in the distant past. Was this what a Salimar felt like standing next to a salimander? I mean, I certainly don’t feel this weird around Dryads or the local hydrangea. I think I came from a plant, didn’t I? I guess that’s the difference. Ursus looking at Jondar is nearly like him looking in a mirror.

“Jondar, hunt,” I say to him waving my hand towards the woods trying to get him out of sight for a while. (TEST – Beastspeaker)

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 1,

Jondar just looks at me like I’m an idiot. Maybe I am. He just fed right before we left.

“I appreciate the thought, but I am not bothered by his presence,” Ursus says. “I am merely thinking that perhaps it is time to get him some barding appropriate for his heritage.” At this Ursus beats his own breastplate that hangs over his chain mail. The marking on the front is that of a hammer, the same as on his shield.

“You may be right,” I reply. “He can definitely hold his own in a fight, but I’d feel a lot better with something between his skin and a blade. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck convincing him that it would be a good idea to wear it. Maybe you can to him?” I ask innocently with a crooked smile.

“Hmmph,” Ursus snorts. That’s what I thought.

What’s the terrain like at this point?

The next location you come to is: Large rocks protrude from the ground covered by snow. It’s the perfect spot for an ambush.

“Hold,” I say mainly for the benefit of Jondar, but Ursus pauses as well. The snow continues to fall around us, but I notice now what I should have noticed earlier: it’s too quiet.

“Are we sure the undead have been cleared from this site?” I ask pulling out my bow.

“That was the last report, but you know how persistent they can be. Best to be cautious all the same. The entrance to the crypt is on the other side of this rocky field. You may want to stay behind me.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll circle around the outside just in case. Jondar, follow,” I command pointing to Ursus.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 1,

Jondar grunts in understanding and sets off with Ursus. This whole place smells of a trap. If there’s nothing here, I’d be shocked. I set-up within bow shot of the middle of the rocky field and take good hard look and listen. (Perception Test)

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 4, 6,

There. Something is moving. What is it?

Attacker: Wanderer – Spirit

—->Description: Ghosts are always pesky. You never know how long they’ve been here, what they’re doing, or if they have a purpose at all. Plust they’re incorporeal. Yeah. So that’s a bummer.

A ghost. Then it knows we’re here already, so no need for secrecy. “It’s a ghost! Straight in front of you!” I yell firing a shot. Time to initiate. Also, ghosts are not in the 2E beta manual, so I’m going to say that each ghost has HP: 4 and if they hit with an attack, their target loses an action on their next turn. Also, targets must pass a Test of courage to approach a ghost to attack. Initiating.

How many ghosts are there?

The Amount of Attackers: Few

1 rolls of 4-sided dice: 2,

Sum plus any modifier: 2 + 1 = 3

Initiate, Good and Bad

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 6,

Sum plus any modifier: 8 + 0 = 8

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 3,

Sum plus any modifier: 7 + 0 = 7

I loose my arrows at the ghosts from range, and yell to Jondar, “Attack!” Two shots at the one ghost I see.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 6, 5,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 4, 2,

Both hit for 2 damage. Do I see the other ghosts?

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 6, 1,

“More on your left!” I yell out as Ursus charges in. Test of courage for both Ursus and Jondar.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 1,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 4,

I watch in horror as both Ursus and Jondar notice the other ghosts coming in from their flank. Their charges are cut short, and they simply stare in horror. “Snap out of it!” I yell reaching for more arrows, but the ghosts move in. Two attacks to Ursus and one to Jondar.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 5,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 1,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 5,

The ghosts surround my friends who seem to be rooted to the ground in fear. Two ghosts simultaneously reach out their spectral hands and touch either side of Ursus’ head. He howls in pain and drops to his knees, shield clunking to the ground. (-2 dmg). The ghost whose incorporeal form my arrows passed through leaving whisps of ectoplasm trailing behind it reaches out and touches Jondar who whimpers at first before letting it turn into a savage growl.

“Attack!” I yell again. Jondar shakes his head and rears back on his hind legs before diving back down on top of the wavering figure of the ghost.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 2, 3,

As if sensing the attack coming, the ghost dissipates and reappears behind Jondar. I launch my next two shots at its back.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 4, 2,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 1, 4,

One seems to find some substance in the ghost, causing it damage again. (-1 dmg) It must be the holy water that we were blessed with before coming here. Good foresight by the priest. I look to Ursus to attack again, but he is sprawled on the ground still as the ghosts move in again.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 3,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 5,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 4,

The two ghosts around Ursus touch the sides of his head again, and he falls completely to the ground. He’s not moving. We’ve got to end this fast, but there’s no stopping a ghost besides just killing it. The ghost behind Jondar reaches for him, but my companion goes on the offensive.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 1, 2,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 3, 6,

His first swipe passes through the body of the ghost, but the second finds it mark causing the ghost to almost pop like a soap bubble. I turn my sights on the two ghosts over Ursus. “Jondar, rescue!” I yell.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 6, 6,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 2, 6, 6,

Twang! Twang! Two ever wavering holes open up in the ghost to Ursus’ right, but their focus never leaves the suffering paladin.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 6,

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 4, 4,

The unharmed ghost connects once more with Ursus, but the other turns to look at me barely missing Ursus’ prone form on the ground. I fire twice more trying to clear a path for Jondar to pull Ursus out of there.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 6, 2,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 5, 5, 6,

Pop! goes the second ghost at which point, Ursus lets out a mighty bellow from the ground. “I will not die on my knees!” he yells and attempts to slam his shield into the remaining ghost.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 3, 5, 5,

A holy power seems to shimmer over his shield as it connects with the incorporeal form throwing the ghost backwards physically. (Test for smite)

1 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6,

Jondar following his last orders tries to pull Ursus away from the ghost, but Ursus waves him off saying, “Jondar, attack!” Jondar ignores him and keeps pulling. “Jondar, attack!” I yell and watch as Jondar immediately turns his focus onto the remaining ghost. Two huge paws swipe at the ghost.

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 3, 6,

3 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 2, 4,

Both connect and shred the ghost. All goes quiet again, but Ursus drops back to a knee clearly in pain.

“Are you alright, my friend?” I call out walking up to the melee battle zone.

“Yes,” says Ursus. “Does Jondar need healing?”

“I was actually asking about Jondar, but I’m glad you’re fine too,” I say jokingly. I walk up to Jondar and say, “Jondar, sit.” I look into his eyes and form the connection between us even stronger. “Ow!” I call out as our minds connect. “Yes, he’s hurt, but I can’t tell where. Clearly, you are hurt as well, Ursus. Please heal thyself physician before tending to Jondar. He can wait.”

Looking as if I had just asked him to attack an orphanage, Ursus says, “I need no such special treatment. I will see to my friends first.” With that, the paladin lays his hands on my bear and a white glow begins to surround Jondar.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 6, 3,

Life and vitality flooded through my mind vicariously as Jondar was magically healed from his inner wounds. I shut off our connection and turned to Ursus. “Now your turn, my friend,” I said.

Ursus knelt once again on the ground, but this time in a stance of prayer and reverence.

2 rolls of 6-sided dice: 1, 1,

After a few minutes, he opens his eyes and says, “I cannot see my worth enough to draw out the power. I am dishonored in my battle with those foes. I cowered in fear and let them overpower me. My shame remains.”

“You have no shame, my friend,” I say sincerely. “Those otherworldly creatures have powers beyond our ken, and I know that is one of them. Jondar, too, lost his nerve but had the good fortune of not being attacked by two at once.”

“Regardless, he acquitted himself well, better than I,” Ursus replies. “These wounds in me will take more time to heal. Let us move on and hope for no more returning undead before we reach the outpost underground.”

I nod my head in agreement. Surely the crypt would be clear right? After all, that’s what the adventurers guild was for: pest control.  (Jondar is back to full health but Ursus is at 5 HP.)