Crackpot #1: Negotiations

July 25, 2017

Session 1: Negotiations

One job that I’m already aware of is the set-up of a smaller satellite for Flat Tops. In the middle of the river is a small island we’d like to turn into a rice field with some flooding. The Chancellor of Expansions would be the client to talk about that one, but I’d like to know how much it pays first. I’ll make a research check to see what the job is worth. (Prep-Work #1 – B: 8, R: 7 Pass, meaning I know what it’s worth.)

It looks like the Council of Governors has been pretty open that this thing could be a good export item for our enclave. That ought to make it worth something. (B: 8, R: 2, Scarce market) If my math is right, they’ll probably give the job for about 10 bounty, but not many people will be willing to take the job because it shouldn’t take a whole group of Takers to clear that small of an island. It’s mainly manual labor. Let me look for a second job with a networking check. (Prep-Work #2 – B: 2, R: 1 Pass, so I find another job.)

There is another job out there that I could tackle on my own. The headlight factory was one of the few employers in the nearest tiny bump of a town. While the factory itself has been looted for a long time, the heavy machinery there is too heavy to lift or move. One of Samuel’s cohorts thinks they can use the plexiglass protectors on some of the machines as windows in enclave shelters to let in more sunlight and the vitamin C it brings to the skin. I’ll do some research to see what it would be worth. (Prep Work #3 – B: 5, R: 3 Pass, so I find the worth.)

It turns out that Samuel can help me get that worth. According to him it’s worth 10 bounty (B: 3, R: 7, Flooded market) but there’s not much demand. People are just as happy keeping windows open-air in the log cabins. The plexiglass is seen as a luxury. Let’s see who else is going for the plexiglass. (Prep-Work #4 since not using Life Vignettes this session – B: 3, R: 7 Fail) The boards seem pretty quiet about who else would want this job, but I think I’m go for it anyway. That way I can tap Samuel as a reference if necessary. Time to pay the Tops Planner, Rager, a visit.


“Crackpot,” he says derisively. “Figured you’d be in here. Wanting the window job? You strike me as the type who would fit in washing windows.”

“That easy to read, huh? Either that or you’re desperate for someone to take that job since you mention it right off the bat. Guess it’s a good thing I’m here,” I reply. (Opening Leadership – B: 10+2, R: 5 Win, # of Rounds is B: 6 so 3 rounds)


“This 2 leg job is not worth that much bounty to us. I mean, it’s not a true need after all. We just thought it would make a nice addition to the enclave,” Rager says.

“But if it’s a nice addition, you’d be one of the first to get it, wouldn’t you? I bet you’d like one of these windows so you can get the sun without the rain,” I counter. (Persuasion – B: 2+2, R: 1 Win, both get 1 Sway)

Previously in Scam #1: I know that this job is in a flooded market. I’m going to try to manipulate the price by letting in some bugs through several windows so that more people are demanding windows. (Deception – B: 6+2, R: 3 Win, so price goes up by 6)


“Not only would you want one, but I’ve heard a lot of complaints lately about creepy-crawlies getting in the cabins. Those people would pay a pretty penny for windows, and you know it,” I say. He doesn’t respond as he stares at me. It’s like he’s trying to figure out if I was involved with the bug stunt. (He’s using sensitivity to get a spot of mine.) (Persuasion again for me – B: 10+2, R: 2 Win, I get 1 Sway, he gets none)

Previously in Scam #2: I know I’m going to need a spot, so I’ll use a networking check to ask around about Rager. I know he has a reputation for a temper, but what really makes him tick? (Networking – B: 7, R: 4 Win, so I get a soft spot) Turns out the guy is an animal lover. That will come in handy.


“Not only will people like the windows, but I was thinking of trying to save some of those cats I found. The momma cat just had litter, and I thought if I could rescue one, the windows would let me keep the little kitty safe,” I say with a smile. (As there are no kittens I’m aware of, this is a Deception – B: 2+2, R:1 Win)

“Well, that does make sense especially if I’m to have windows too, but you’re only one Taker. I know that’s how you roll nowadays, but you won’t be able to haul that much plexiglass, and who knows if you’ll snap again or turn tail and run. I hear deep in that chest of yours beats a coward’s heart,” he responds. I try to hold my poker face to show I’m not rattled by that. (Deception – R: 7+2, B: 10 Fail, so we both get 2 sway).


“Look, we both know it would be good to get this job done, and we need to still be agreeable coworkers afterward. Let’s settle where we’re at and get to work,” I say. (Closing Leadership – B: 3+2, R:1 Win, 100% Mark-Up)


“That sounds great, but Hotty Scotty said he’d do it for cheaper than you just to make you mad,” he says.

“Scotty? You really want ol’ bum leg out there hauling stuff on his own? I may have come out of that massacre half-crazy and guilty as sin, but he came out of it with a war wound. Hadn’t you heard that his leg’s been acting up again? I’d give little Hotty the job, but I doubt he could make even this short of a hike,” I reply. (Deception since Scotty’s not really hurt – B: 6+2, R: 2 Win, so we stay at 100% Mark-Up for a final price of 42 bounty. That will leave me with 22 bounty after paying my break and upkeep if I’m successful.)

“Fine,” he says. “You’ve got the bounty if I get my windows. Bring back enough for a proof of concept on my house, and if that works, we’ll send out a crew with a vehicle for a bigger haul.”

“Fair enough. I’ll just borrow a spool of vine rope from the Chancellor, shall I?” I ask.

“Yes, here’s a requisition chip,” he says handing me a small chip of wood with the words “Rope Spool” burned in it and a burn in the symbol of Rager’s ring.

“Thanks,” I say. “Be back before you know it.” Time to get to work.