The Zombie Apocalypse Begins

July 25, 2017

Lately, I’ve interested into hacking RPG systems to play solo.  So far I’ve found the Upwind card-driven system to work best, but I wanted to try my hand at solo Red Markets play.  Here are the rule changes I think I’ll be using:

1) Character generation as normal, but definitely allowing default rolls.  With so many roles to play, I’ll have to be able to default to make it work.

2) Double my Break point and Upkeep costs between each contract which will give me 2 scams during my own negotiations and 2 additional Work/Life vignettes to discover job information.  That would give a total of 4 Work/Life vignettes and 2 Scams even though I’ll be negotiating.  I figure that doubling my Break and Upkeep represents me taking twice the time to be able to do the research and such as two Takers.

3) I’ll be using my own version of a Yes/No GM emulator (much like Mythic) as well as random encounters each leg using the d100 table in the book.

4) I will probably have to rent a vehicle for each score since the haul of a single person won’t really bring in enough income.

After reading Caleb’s request for how the in-game board should be used, I thought this should be posted in the general discussion section since it will have my die rolls and such.  I don’t know how often I’ll get to do this, but hopefully a couple of times before school starts in earnest here in the next couple weeks.

WARNING: To capture the gritty feel of this game, there is some colorful language in the posts.