Impending Doom #5

May 7, 2016

The Fight to Clear Feyford – Solo Battle 2

Sir Galen wasn’t really happy. It wasn’t usually the hero role to smash down buildings, rip off roofs, and generally reign down havoc on the city. So this time, he made them promise not to break as much stuff.

After being chastised, Gulduron, Bree, Brawn, and the conjured silver (who still needs a name) set out once again hoping to find another group of servants of the eye. Gulduron found a building that held the tell-tale magic field of anti-scrying.

“Ok,” he said. “We need a better plan than just, ‘Get them.’ This building is large enough to be a storage house and it has a back door. Brawn, I’m going to get you in the back door, and we’ll see what we see. Bree, stay at the front door. If you hear the fighting start, come barging in and we’ll have them in a classic pincer attack.”

“Sounds good ta’ me,” she replied.

Gulduron and Brawn snuck around back. The door was locked, so Gulduron had to use the door to leaf trick again. “Beavers and ducks,” he thought to himself. “I’m using power points like a kid out in the rain.” The back door opened into an empty room with a another door directly across from them. “Wait at that door until you hear Bree attacking,” whispered Gulduron to Brawn who nodded in reply.

Gulduron snuck back out to Bree and filled her in. “Give me time to sneak in a side window, and I’ll come at them from a third direction. They’ll be surrounded. Barge in yelling and attacking in two minutes.” Bree also nodded in ascent.

Gulduron moved to another side of the house and found a window that led to a bathroom. “Figures,” he thought as he maneuvered his miniature faerie body through the window and went to wait at the bathroom door. Within 30 seconds, the action started.

Bree burst through the front door with her dragon sending an opening volley of acid spraying two assassins sitting on a couch. How rude to interrupt their lounging. Brawn come out of his room to see a Clockwork Mage directly in front of him launching magic missiles in his face. “Not again,” he thought. Gulduron came out of the bathroom (with the stench trailing him) to face a third assassin who was shooting pool on his own. “Beavers and ducks, I hate to interrupt a good game, but there it is,” he thought.

Bree launched a magic burst of her own at the Clockwork Mage only to have it bounce off. “It’s shielded!” she yelled and turned her attention to the assassins. Gulduron burnt two more power points to drop a steel cage on the pool table assassin before he could even pick up his kukris. (Were those +2 kukris? Nice loot!)

In short order Bree and her dragon had absolutely mauled the two assassins (though Bree was bloodied), and Brawn had broken apart the Clockwork Mage. (It had looked at its DCs for spells and found them lacking leading it to attack with 4 slams. Not smart against a huge armored dragon, but it was the best chance it had.) Within 18 seconds, the battle was over.

A hush fell over the building as the heroes looked around. The building was still intact. There was limited damage. The pool table still appeared functional. Gulduron had half his power points left and Bree had half her health left. It looked like a well-coordinated surgical strike against the Eye Assassins.

There was a knock on steel followed by, “Hello? Anyone there? It’s getting kinda stuffy in here, and I wondered if you’d like to let me out now?” The heroes had a prisoner.